Little Sprout vs. The Big Green Ugly Giant

Little Sprout vs. The Big Green Ugly Giant
My oldest stepson wrote this as a school project when he was about 9 (about 20 years ago). These days, a book like this would have him talking to the principal, a counselor, a psychologist, etc. -- if not expelled. In retrospect, though, considering he survived and turned out to be a pretty great grown-up, it's really, really funny.

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My 7 year old daughter loves all things dragons and dinosaurs at the moment and has written many a story herself. This fantastic story makes me realize she could share her stories here as well!

Very cool.

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Yeah... get'em started young. We actually have a lot of great young authors here on BookRix.

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I especially liked the part where he just went to bed after seeing the giant rampaging outside.

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illustrator of my children's dog series made up stories like this too when he was 9 and 10 ...this is fantastic! Please pass the praise on...Thanks for sharing!...Paula

p.s. bring this on over to the children's authors group and share!

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