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Hood Love

User: luvjus
Hood Love
Shaquinna is a very smart woman who lives in the hood and she's a lawyer. She meets a guy named Tyshon and they hit it off. Soon, theyre dating and talking to eachother on a unprofessional level. Soon, she finds out she's pregnant with his baby and lies will be revealed, cheating, and drama begins. Will their relationship last?

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i loved the book going to read part now just wish it was a little longer the only con about is is the time switches got a lil confused but keep up the good work you are a awesome writer in the making

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I liked the book it was great and I will be reading part 2. I just really think if someone has something to say about how they feel about what they read if could be said in a nice way. Keep it up! You are a work in progress. Keep pushing and good luck to you! :)

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awesome book read while at work make some more for me to read at work again great job...sistah soulja in the making

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Y'all are kidding right.... I read all 44 pages and although (I guess) you could say the overall concept was thought out... it's just not a good read and is kind of insulting to people really from the "hood". The English was poor and the time hops were ridiculous. I'm assuming this is an inexperienced author? It was okay... but not all that these comments make it seem. Honestly, I only got through the 44 pages because I was... mehr anzeigen


I'm not gonna deny the fact that the book is interesting. But why did yuu use Qur'an as a name in the book? It was so uncalled for...There are so many names u ought to have used. It doesn't make any sense at al!


I used that name because my friend names Quran asked me to when I was writing it.


Totally agree I was confused asf throughout the whole read!

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