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Beautiful Von:
A lot has happened. The Betrayal. The pain, It was just to much for me. I’m not strong but I wish I was, I was not hot or sexy. I was JUST; Miami B. The nobody. The nobody that was so Stupid to think that love was all anyone will ever need. That love was the most, Beautiful thing anyone will and ever experience. I was so Stupid to think that love will change a person. Love doesn’t change a person that does not want to be changed. Love makes you do Stupid things, Love makes you go crazy, you want to know how I know ? Just ask my dad....

After her Father’s Funeral. Miami was torment.She lost a part of her that will never be replace. Her Life started to turn up side down, when she had to move in with her mother that Abandoned her at the age of 3. And had to start a new school.
All things change when Logan Lerman. The sexiest guy in Karmin High started falling in love with her will she open her heart and accept that love is not all bad or will she just push him away,????

Love, Highschool, Change, Life, Romance
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update pleas

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Hello. ︀How ︀are ︀you? ︀I ︀need ︀a ︀friend, ︀open ︀link ︀>>>>> WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?uc2bd7166fe6835_1402054639.7420709133

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