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Strafstunde | Fan-Fiction

Hermine wird um Mitternacht dabei erwischt, wie sie in ihr Zimmer zurückschleichen will, nachdem sie ärgerlicherweise in der Bibliothek eingeschlafen ist. Dabei wird sie zufällig von Severus Snape erwischt, der sie nach mehrmaligem, zickigem Verhalten zum Nachsitzen verdonnert.  HG/SS Story.

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San Diego, CA

So-called “liberals” seem to think they should be able to go into any
situation and tell people how to live their lives. If they go into a school
lunchroom and see all the fat kids at one table and the redheaded kids at
another, they should be able to force them to mix it up. Even if they are
certain they know what is best for others, they shouldn’t have any special
authority to impose their will. The US was founded... mehr anzeigen

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Windsor, Ontario

I agree all should be counted. But I also agree we need to know how many are
citizens and have the right to wield participatory political power. Otherwise,
why be a citizen with the responsibilities that confers? I don't think the
Census should bow to the will of non-citizens out of concern they will be made
fearful by it and fade into shadows. If there is no response from an address -
go check. If they won't... mehr anzeigen

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