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The Lock

The I kicked my shoe against the desked hard, detective work was very frustrating. I was tired of being one step behind the killer. Enough was enough.

lock, detective, killer, mistery
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Jordan, I have to tell you, there are a gazillion grammar errors...but your short story left me with the biggest smile on my face that I can remember. I'm not even sure having the story-to-date edited would be a plus because it is just so charming as is.

The opening sentence, for example--the one right up there in your blurb. I understood it, lol, but...whaa? A bit farther down in the actual story, as she is listening to her... mehr anzeigen

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Kueen of Mean

I will add more and try to fix any mistakes


For now, just continue writing with an eye on the story as you see it.

A few things to keep in mind as you write...Your main character. Make her strong, BUT, every great character has what is called a fatal flaw; a weakness. It could be fear of the dark. It could be arrogance.... mehr anzeigen

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Interesting read for you know how build up the suspense. Keep it updated for there is more space to develop.

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Gelöschter User

I love it! I wish I was a detective. But then I do watch too much midsummer murders.

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