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The Crystal 3

Book Three Von:
User: ohmyjones
The Crystal 3

This is the last book in The Crystal series.


It can be read as a STANDALONE, I think.




"Is it me, or does something not feel right?" Harry asked as Ethan walked down from the stage. The people who had attended the funeral service were talking amongst themselves, also wondering about the weird weather pattern. It was at that moment that the clouds that were close to the mountains were quickly darkening. The darkness spread all around, making it look like it was evening.

"That is not good," Erick stated just as a flash of lightning appeared at the edge of the Joshalian forest. The mumbling around the area grew louder.

"Everyone! Go inside the castle!" Elizabeth ordered in a shout. The people did not wait to even question what was going on. They quickly got up from their seats and made their way towards the castle's entrance. Elizabeth, Erick, Selena, Justin and the members of the Ordinary Brothers remained.

Another flash of lightning appeared at the same spot. Some people screamed and others gasped, increasing the pace at which they were moving.

A white glowing spot appeared at the point where lightning had stricken the Joshalia forest. Logan observed as freckles of golden stardust appeared then disappeared in milliseconds. He was confused at first, but then he noticed that the stardust seemed to appear around both sides of the city. His eyes shot up as he remembered something.

Crystalia's magical border.

"Erick..." Logan trailed off. Erick had seen what Logan had noticed.

"Get the guards," the King replied. Logan nodded before going towards the direction of the castle.

There was a loud explosion that was strong enough to momentarily part the clouds that were above the Joshalian forest. The ground shook for a few seconds just as the clouds quickly gathered together. The stardust then disappeared. 

Everything seemed quiet. Selena and Erick looked at each other with concentrated looks. Selena's ears then perked up.

"Do you hear that?" Selena asked. Erick furrowed his eyebrows, confused by what she was saying. But then, he heard it. He even found the source of it.

The dome was breaking into the form of glass shards. Erick and everyone in Crystalia watched as the dome dematerialized into glass, the sound of it shattering being heard all over Crystalia.

Not again.

Erick's eyes were widened with shock.

"This is impossible! Who could be doing this?" Liam asked with a frightened expression, not receiving any answer from the others because they were just as perplexed as he was.

"I think we--" Ethan went to speak, but he was interrupted by a loud feminine laugh. It reminded him of someone, and that made his eyes go wide with a mixture of shock and fear. He turned to look at the rest, noticing that Erick, Liam, Selena and the Queen shared the same emotions as him.

"Guys, what's--"

"It can't be," Selena cut Zane off.

The sound of shrieking erboons sounded throughout the area.

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