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The Crystal 2

Book Two Von:
User: ohmyjones
The Crystal 2

"You know," Ashley said as she sat on the bed to face me, "this is your chance to prove them wrong. Show them that you aren't who they think you are."

The words Ashley spoke made me uneasy.

"I don't think I can," I replied.

"What? Emery, I've seen how you've acted ever since you got out of prison. They made your life miserable, and they even had you constrained in this house!"

The OBers tended to approach me whenever I was in public places. There was one time that I went to buy groceries, and a group of girls was all over me, calling me every cuss word they knew. Some even threatened to kill me. So I ran out of the grocery store with them chasing me. I had to teleport for them not to catch me, and when I was in a secluded place, I cried my eyes out. I told Ashley about it, and she was very sympathetic. I stuck indoors from then.

"Aren't you angry over what they did to you?" she asked with a look of disbelief. "They blamed you for things you didn't do! Should I remind you of what had happened? Bianca turned the boys against you and tried to murder you! She sent two men to rape you, and you were lucky you got away with minor injuries. The bitch hacked into your account and posted cuss words about the Ordinary Brothers, making everyone think it was you, and she blamed you for trying to kill Liam with a car, leading up to you going to jail. For a week.

You even got bruised and battered in prison, and that was before Josh and I found out where you were. After that, you couldn't go back to your normal life. You're attacked by people who think they know you, and you can't even join a decent college anymore. Tell me, Emery! Don't you just want to get your revenge on them?"

"Of course I want revenge!" I shouted in anger, having Ashley's eyes widen in shock. "I want my life back. I did nothing to deserve this kind of treatment from everyone. I want them to pay for what they did to me!"

No matter how much I yelled, it did not quell the anger and sadness in my heart. I knew Ashley was right. 

There I was, barely living a normal life when those who I presumed were my friends were enjoying theirs. They were enjoying their lives, touring the world and pursuing their careers whereas I could not pursue mine.

My mind kept thinking all the things I had gone through. Within seconds, I felt my control snap.

I had had enough. I was going to get my revenge, and I would make sure no one would take advantage of me ever again.

I was going to prove to everyone that Bianca was an evil bitch, and I would be excited to see her go to prison.

That bitch was going to go down.


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I love your books! Do you know when you have your 3 book ready to read!

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Hi! Sorry for answering late. I have been busy with book 3, and I believe it will be posted on Friday. It will be the last book in the series.
Also, thanks for reading the second book!

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