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Rowan Blaize and the Starbane Exile

Book Three of the Enchanted Heritage Chronicles Von:
Rowan Blaize and the Starbane Exile
Cast adrift into the wilderness, a teenaged boy flees a sorceress crowned with the skull of a dragon-hatchling, a sorceress who loves to pluck the wings off faery queens and assassinate rival magicians ... just for fun. Contending with warlords, werewolves, and the wrath of winter spirits, young Starbane is aided by a quarrelsome spy and a vagabond maiden on his journey, but it seems that everyone has a conflicting agenda and the shape-shifting witch, Oblixta, will not allow anyone to escape her clutches without a fight. Politics threatens to keep the exile from finding Rowan Blaize, a reclusive warlock from another dimension, trapped by a spell in Starbane's unforgiving world. Can Blaize help the boy thwart doom and break his own confining curse, or will an eerie twist of fate lead to a magical showdown that ruins them all? Ideal for admirers of the classic fantasy genre, Rowan Blaize and the Starbane Exile (Enchanted Heritage Chronicles: Book III) offers a timeless tale of Good vs. Evil ... and a glimpse into the perilous affairs of witches and wizards at war.

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