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What A Wonderful World

Winston Clarke and The 2012 Truth Movement Von:
User: herschel
What A Wonderful World
Lance discovers he has the power to travel back in time to save the world from certain destruction

2012, time travel, conspiracies, truth, love
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(ᵔᴥᵔ) ⇝ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?_ebook-jon-kelley-what-a-wonderful-world

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I like how he always travels around and how the end is sort of like mysterious


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(ᵔᴥᵔ) ⇝ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?herschel_1268721018.2533121109

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This was pretty cool! I definitely see alot of you in your writing. ^_^ Great job and good luck!

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I enjoyed it! At times I felt it a bit hard to follow but then I could get back it to the story line. All in all Good work!! =)

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Jon, I very much liked ur story. You could have combined a lot of sentences so it doesnt sound repetitive with word usage and there were a few grammatical errors but all-in-all, great story.

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Loved the story and it brought memories. maybe I traveled back when i read it!./joeparente

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