Your heart in mine

Your heart in mine

A powerful novel about life and the choices you must make.

What really matters in life, and how much is one person prepared to give? Twin sisters Camille and Lilian Moore are spending one last summer vacation together on Martha’s Vineyard before Camille starts her residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and Lilian goes to Paris to work as a chef. Joining them are Camille’s boyfriend Brandon, a professional athlete, and Ben, Lilian’s fellow chef and new summer romance. Lilian and Camille spend several wonderful days at their grandparents‘ cottage, without a care in the world—but then a tragic accident changes everything. Suddenly, the twins‘ fates are inseparably intertwined with that of another man: Michael Redmond, an investment manager from New York who has been spoiled by his own success. A deeply touching romance novel that dares to dream the impossible.

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