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"Summer Magick"

User: stormm
"Summer Magick"
Love lost and discovered. A tale of finding oneself, in one's own environment and back to Nature. When others cannot seem to be true to you: Be true to yourself!

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Only you would see something like this in quite this way. it must be magic where you live!

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Gelöschter User

Interesting story. I always went out into nature when my soul was disturbed by the unhappiness of being human. With each minute I was at one with the flow of land, tree, sky, and water, I would feel that tension of everyday living letting go and drifting away to be forgotten. To me there was nothing more important than reconnecting to what gave me life, hope, and love in the first place...knowing that I could become a part of... mehr anzeigen

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petra michelle

I can so relate to the theme, Stormm! I too believe that we are one with naure; the universe! Petra :)

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