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Practical Witchery!

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User: stormm
Practical Witchery!
This is my newest book of esoteric education, that I will call "Practical Witchery". These come from my life long experience, being raised in the craft as a Danaan witch, and gives the readers a unique inside look, at how WE look at various elements of our craft and its history. It's from the perspective of an actual practicing Old Craft witch, and not the propaganda touted by the Roman Church or its proponents. It is NOT intended to proselytize people into becoming witches, but that it will encourage the readers to be "wise as serpents, and harmless as doves", as even the Bible has admonished. This is a book that will likely find its own way to the bookshelves of nearly every witch, wizard, or student of esoteric philosophies in the near future. You understand a great deal more after you've read it.

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Thank you, very much!

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What a privilege for me to read your book! Thank you for sharing your knowledge & teaching your wisdom! I am so happy to have learned from you! I didn't even know my own blood history. I can't thank you enough! ..I guess I am a little witch ;)
~Kayleen Fox

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Indeed, there is often a little "witch" in ALL of us. For THOUSANDS of years BEFORE Christianity, it was the very infrastructure of our entire culture and NOT simply the witches and druids. Our ancestor were NOT the "dolts" and savages they were often made out to be. The term... mehr anzeigen

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This book is still a work-in-progress. It's free to download read as long as I'm working on it and polishing it up. Since the chapters read as stand alone topics, it won't hurt the story as it is a topical expose on practical witchery. After I have it properly finished, I'll make it available for sale globally through BookRix, for $1.99. I'm sure it will become a "must read" for anyone who really wants to understand what... mehr anzeigen

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