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Demon's Debacle

User: stormm
Demon's Debacle
A 21st Century version of Merlin fights a demon for the soul of a woman.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Tales of the Witch Clan"
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I cant say I am not a little disappointed in the way the tale played itself out, but then again I figure there could be no better way for it to.

It would have been unfair of Stormm to take Yin for his love when he had already left a wife he loved but again it was callous of Yin to forget their friendship and bond in pursuit of another woman's wife.

But mortals have been known to do much much worse.

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The story is loosely based on an actual friend from such a family. We were planning to go to Vietnam to visit her family and give e a chance to study an Asian witch clan and do a sequel to this story (probably as a full length novel). Remember that Khu Lim had saved her soul as... mehr anzeigen

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You paint a vivid picture. This would make a great movie. I have already watched it in my mind.

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