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Town And Country Or Life At Home And Abroad (Fiscle Part-3)

User: silviya
Town And Country Or Life At Home And Abroad (Fiscle Part-3)

"Then You Are Here!" Said A Stern, Gruff Voice, Addressing A Pale,
Sickly-Looking Youth, Whose Frame Trembled And Whose Lip Quivered As
He Approached One Who Sat At The Side Of A Low Pine Table;--It Was
His Master, A Man Of About Forty, Of Athletic Form, And Of Power
Sufficient To Crush The Feeble Youth.

"Well," He Continued, "If You Are Sure That You Gave It To Him, Go
To Bed; But Mind You, Whisper-Breathe Not The Secret To A Living
Soul, On Peril Of Your Life! You May Evade My Grasp, But Like Blood
I Will Track You Through Life, And Add A Bitter To Your Every Cup Of

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