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Topnach Production

Hollywood Dreams Von:
Topnach Production
When friends from a sports website come together to make a movie, they find it's not as easy as they thought.

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well it's me Cubsgirl, I loved the book as well and yes I would love for John to make it a full length book.

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lovingempath of my favorite S King movies. That's the same feel I got here.
I think if this were expanded, we'd get more detail on exactly what happens to the characters. They got eaten too fast..:)
Good work, and good luck John...I LOVE 'House Horror' movies!


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I thought the concept was exceptionally good, but I felt the pacing was a little rushed. I think I got lost on what happened to your character (the narrator)near the end. I think I'd like to see this one fleshed out more.

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It had that "Blair Witch" feeling to me. I have so many questions and that kept me reading (and watching "Blair Witch).

How did the house eat them? Are they in a parallel universe? Are they alive? Wow. I want to know more, though!

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petra michelle

was top notch! The evolution of the story became a great concept for the film the characters were looking for! Ingenious in how you turned the narrative into the intended product...a great thriller! Loved it, John!

Good luck! Petra :))

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Those are both great books by the King of horror. Back in 1988 I read my first novel "Christine"

From that day I have wanted to capture the imagination the way Stephen did.

Thank you all for reading Topnach Production.

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Hi John,

Interesting story. Reminds me of Rose Red, Stephen King, not to be confused with Rose Madder. The house kept changing around.

Light and easy to read. Good work.

Bek :)

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Very creepy. Didn't expect a horror story to come barreling out of left field partway through what seemed to be a story of movie making.

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I liked the layout of the book - it actually helped with the 'creepiness' of the story..good job and I agree with Timmi...Paula

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