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The Student Body

The Student Body
Bad things don't happen in small town America, or do they?

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Well written. Keep it up

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good one,The way you described col life is really watching a movie. Really good,you have my vote

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Some re-writing is necessary to make this smoother to read. I DO like the story and i am interested in reading more of it. If you polish the sentencing , you will have a winner!./joeparente vote!

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I have read the story more then two times & love to read it again & again.

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lazarus67 have a way with words...Grammar and spelling nice..good to see that.
Will wait for the rest when the time comes.
The vote is yours.

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Interesting beginning. I'm not sure where this is heading but your characters are realistic and likable. I would love to read how their personalities would evolve in the story :) You have my vote.

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