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The Stars Fell On Her

The Stars Fell On Her
Love-Hate, and everything in between.

Poetry - Love-Hate -
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Ahhh, the feelings are there still. You've captured the emotions perfectly. Well Done, John.

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I have absolutely no experience in serious poetry so I cant offer an opinion in that regard but I do think it would make a great song.

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The poem comes across to me as a bit confused/confusing; it is a jumble of thoughts, feelings and words. And really, what better way to describe what goes on in a person's heart?

Wonderful, you get my vote!

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The neat thing about poetry is there are no rules so to speak. Definitely a contemporary poem, done in a contemporary way. Liked the beat, and the sentiments. A guy poem, done well. Got my vote Robynn

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To me this tell's of a lost love still having a hold of your heart and you wondering if there is a chance to get back. Very good I voted. Serena

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I've always thought you had talent. This poem proves it. Voted and stared./joeparente

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Better than I hoped it would be....and, as Laz says, raw and truthful. Words that pierce our hearts with their emotion are the ones we remember. I will remember this one.

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