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That Cold Black Cloud

Tit-4-tat Von:
That Cold Black Cloud
This poetry reflects images of the authors imagination. Desensitize yourself and, enjoy.

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John, I enjoyed reading your book of poetry. I felt the mood of sadness and fear of loss through all you poems.

For constructive critique I think Rebekah Jennings is better at it than I wouls be. Did you paint some of those images? Did you paint the "uninvited" and the "stranger"?

I picked your book as one of my Favourites. I'm going to read your other books. Good work.


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Wichtiger Beitrag

Thank you for reading the poems, and feed back. I like knowing what corrections are needed. Your approach is more than welcome.

I don't mind that they seem as if they could be Rap songs. I think some Rap songs have a close relationship to poetry.

I had forgotten how much I like writing poetry. It had been over 10 years since I had wrote anything in the way of poems, until I joined BookRix.

Wichtiger Beitrag

Hi John,

I love the title and book cover.

Suicide: I really liked this. Great word play.

Paranoid Fantasy: I love this one. You've captured so many of the constituents of paranoia. (Pg 9 last line, to should be too.)

Wicked kid: Reminds me of EMinEm. Lol...

The Stranger: Very clever, and the picture is perfectly scary.

Uninvited: (Pg 17 Creak, should be creek?? If its a place to meet??) You could get rid of 'up' and it'd still work... mehr anzeigen

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