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Murder by Moonlight

Murder by Moonlight
Within us all there is a beast. A monster ready to take control. In this case the beast isn't just a metaphor it's real and can't, nor will it be removed.

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Excellent work so far. It would be better if you extended the story

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This was excellent. It would've been interesting if made longer. I felt like I was left hanging at the end.

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You are definitely growing as a writer. The story shows a new side of Vampires one does not read often. Well done/joeparente

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That was a wonderful book. I like your style of writing very reluctant and well written. GOOD JOB!

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I could see the monster taking control. both physically and mentally. Great read.

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We must have been commenting at the same time! LOL After I posted, I read your comment to rvkenr and you addressed exactly what I was mentioning. Good for you! I love it when an author takes a suggestion on their work to heart and works on improving. You are going to be a great writer! Robynn

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Reveiw - Started out with a great hook. The wondering. Then you build the story well. What makes a story is: A beginning, (the thought) the middle (explanation of that thought) the end (conclusion of that thought). I was confused in this one. You started with his musings of the difference between him and the beast. Then you did an excellent job of showing us the difference. But, what was the ending? Unless it was the fact he... mehr anzeigen

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I had originally intended for this to be the end. However I realize that I haven't ended it. A friend read it for me and said there was no ending.

I thought I'd leave the story open, but the truth is it's too open. I am going to consider writing more. I'm not sure how much more at this point, but I am considering writing at least one more story to end it properly.

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I liked it. It is an interesting book. Very well written.

However, it just sort of stopped.

Will there be more?

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