Midnight Visions

The Dream Master Von:
Midnight Visions
Is there an evil among us, locked away waiting for it's release? What could it do if we unleashed it?

The Dream Master waits to show you.

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Great writing and props to you for managing to make a full-blown story. Scared me more than once. Thanks for the read :)

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Hi John,

I enjoyed your story. It was fast paced, and jam-packed with scares and frights. Good imagination. It definitely had a dream-like quality. Where things chop and change.

Some great lines, here, I think this is probably your best story to date. It's great to see you improving.

I do feel some of the scenes could have been fleshed out a little more, so I could understand the scenes.

The story took a turn at chapter 6, I... mehr anzeigen

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good! I liked how you tied everything together and finished the story. Should've put the cross back! hehe

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