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A Murderous Affair

A Murderous Affair
Entered as part of the competition. Story links (61 minutes, A tea cup with a broken handle and a murder. I turned it into a small little thriller which win or not i enjoyed writing this piece and very pleased with the story.

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Man that was awesome, almost sounds like a twilight zone thing going on! I really like it! It seems his nightmare, if it was a nightmare revealed some future events.

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Gelöschter User

Good luck in the contest :)

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Hi i am new to here. I am having problems understanding how to enter books into competition. I click on the competition entry and there isn't any info on how to add the book. Is it efficant to join the group that is running the competition add your book to the group and leave a message in a forum. Or is there a page where you can actually confirm your book to a competition. Hope you can help


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Thank you. I have a very vivid imagination and i love writing. Glad you enjoyed it. I have been writing for years and years. Hope the story wasn't too "Way out there". I struggle with grounding my work, but this is always my style and i like to keep to the intruige metaphors and imagery within my work.

Many thanks
Look forward to meeting other writers and reading other people's work.


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Your imagination went on overdrive with this story. There were so many twists and turns, but rest assured it's perfect for the teens contest.

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