Lost & Found

Lost & Found
Meet Sara, who is just a hard working women, intellectual, solitary plus lonely. Always thinking of having a man in her life, having terrible past choices she thinks there is no hope for her. Until someone else with the same exact but one different problem as Sara, a male named Rick, who happened to be someone that she knew very well of, so did he of her. Although they never spoke one word to their crushes, besides looked and romanticized to each other.
They have been lost for over three abstinent years, but now have found their reasons not to be, by taking their chances.

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one of the best books i have read

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It is a good story. Sara gets life partner.Rick also gets partner.

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i don't think I have ever a read a X-Rated book by a man before and this was actually a good book.
I am glad you shared this with us.

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a X-Rated story from a male that actually has a plot!! Thank you! You had a few spelling errors you over looked but still a good story. If you want to make this more than just sex scene after sex scene add a little more story line to it. It will give it a better feeling.

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