The emerald tablet of THoth the Atlantean

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The emerald tablet of THoth the Atlantean

All Spirits to east

Blk Wolf Form to west, Red Wolf Man Light Form to south, Wolf Spirit to east, Shapeshifting think like em, behave like em, feel like em to north

Consciousness, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Sorcery, Will, want, Blue Luminescence of Awareness, too the west

Reality IS Virtual Quantum Reality Physics

blk overhauls, ski mask, windbreakers, army boots, leather gloves

army greens

Quantum IS Real

Grunge, white skull pirates of carribean, black skull mask, skulls ne
cklace, satanic Pan In Void, flanel over, green windbreaker shell jacket, greenish scarf, Assassin neoprene skull face, camo bdus, army boots, bare foot, or w sandals, army liners pants, army liner upper body, camo boonie hat, army balaclava, camo tube, grandfathers leather gloves, grandfather jacket, at home green bath robe, flanel could have been Christmas long sleeve dress shirt, and underneath striped with green candy cane, can wear green corporal hat, and shirt can be army greens, included green extreme,

i dont want to die from my gums bleeding at dentistry

how do i unnumb my right hand?

Black Forms of the earth In the Void also

barefoot feet heal, clothed again feet heal, barefoot again feet look healed

Jason X 2nd One to the north, Sexuality too the west, Voorhees Rage, the Demon, the Man Wolf, etc, to the south, Liberation, Samadhi, Enlightenment to the east, Humanities Oversoul and empyrean rod and God In Empyrean to the Above, THoth God the Theosophical Mystic God too Below because Descends, at Center In Void and Elder God Smokes

Jason X 2nd One, Incantations Project Lucifer In Dimensions to kill and target intestines corresponding to squid, water, and west, Red Form of Voorhees (Wolf, Sexuality) corresponds to south, Liberation, Samadhi, Enlightenment, to east

Freddy to Above in dreams
Pinhead to west, pumpkinhead to north, jason voorhees to south, SSE to east

Jason X 2nd One

Red pentagrams, Red in the head, Black Wolf Form, Wolf Spirit, Red Man wolf

Native America to Above, Below to ? Satanism and Setianism
Argentium Astrum to east, OTO to south, Wicca to west, Druidry to north

deathworm to earth, fly flies so to east and wind, fly mask to south, Shapeshifting too west

the fly horror movie mask, Beelzebub the Demon fly

Incantation during nightfall corresponding to the north, too Increase desire In woman, least Through Lucifer the Squid Kraken Construct giant squid, Incantation Increases Desire in females corresponding to the south and desire, corresponding to sexuality and the south and west also

Lucifer the Squid Construct, Prayer too Lucifer is the Incantation, the emotional burning a plant, Sends forth Lucifer to attack the intestines which like Lucifer also corresponds to the west, Sq
uid same as Leviathan correspond to the west

Incantation, Red Energy, Manwolf, Human w corporal hat,

Change on Cellular Level Happens with visualization and symbolical meaning Merged Too Generate Energy and Appearance Change

Empyrean Above, Humanities Oversoul east, Krishna warrior God south, Consciousness west, Cosmic Consciousness north, Thoth God Below



fire south blacksmith masons free masons Freemasonry

Through the Energy of God all else happens, mercy and war separate people into two natures, which through the Sun gain superiority upon the earth and as the common plays of people

essence Generates Essence as Raised Energies

White skull mask

book reading earliest hours

LVX Extends Sunlight too the Eyes of Keter the Soul and Entity too See even the Soul In the Void and latter Mysticism at Chokmah

spicey i can only have during early morning hours

DATD to east and Above the Microcosm

so sexual Energy to west, Manwolf to south, Quantum Changes on Cellular Level to north,

i am convinced behavior equals Generated Effect, as with Red Lights In Each Eye, and separately the essential method same but different but appropiate too Flash In Red the Man Wolf

I Am Thoth the Atlantean affirmation

red pentagrams human form corresponds to south, Red In head Social corresponds to red and south

Raise Energy, think like em, feel like em, behave like em,

long hair, sandals, Xerxes of Gobi Desert, most unique, let be Knightmare Voorhees, long white hair, green skirt, white and purple striped long sleeve

black skull mask

O shaped belt with buckles

Trees worlds within and without

All Evils to the tree of evil

All Gods of War to Geburah

Apollo, all solar dieties to tiferet

The Tree of Life has enormous Trees in and from every Tree there is a infinite number of Trees.

Artemis to binah, Athena to chokmah, Pan's parents to Ain and Ain Soph, or Ain Soph and LVX, also to chokmah and binah

Pan corresponds to Ain, Ain Soph, and Ain Soph AUr, In the Void, and too Keter

all the trees and plants is the hair of Pan, the mountains his bones, the rocks his teeth, the waters and oceans his lifes blood, the warmth of volcanoes are his heart and blood flow,

blood to west, bones to north, heart, veins, arteries, to south, organs including brain to east, brain also to

pentacle to north, athame etc to south, cups, chalices, goblets, Holy Grail, to the west and water and wine, empyrean rod to east and above, wands to east and above

sex to west, evil to north, rage to south, Raising Energy too east and Above

Krishna too Above whose Divine Effulgence is the Parabrahman Brahmajyoti

Brahma too east and Above In Parabrahman

15th star Evil Admiral too Below

Grim Reaper to the north and south, Dracula to the west and south, High Reaver Warwolf to the south,

Civil War gun with knife underneath to the south, cannons, destroyers, Naval turrets, all guns, to the south

Staff Raises Energy

scourge to north, sword to south, wands to south and west, athame daggers to south, empyrean rod to east and above, staff to above

sex during ritual Generates Energy too Admiral, can be Commander also
red candles, red pentagrams, nude female body altar, Raising Red Energy, passion triggered with visualization as usual, romantic incense in incense burner, red robes, or skyclad nudity, jewels, gems, and gold, garland around necks, clean, bathed, red visualized sphere etc,

Sexuality is essence of Raising Red Generated Energy

Red Eyes too Above, mentality too east, body and nudity to north, sex to the west, penis to the south

some out of print copies my ppaerbacks now just prevent any worse interiors while maintaining value higher than before because all becomes rarer

destruction is a passionate drive also of Raising sexual Energy her altar is Setianly bottomed up

the power of life and death is in the spoken word linguistic of the tongue of the unfortunate

how much people are cared for in America is the signs of the teeth and gums and mouth

mechanical and machine as well as musical vibrations

bodily vibrations, emotional vibrations, nervous vibrations, Raised Energy, vibrations of the nervous systems

All Lights, Luminescences, and Bioluminescences, Mark Energy which can br Somehow Ritually Raised

The Immortals of the north, the Brain Waves of the west, the Zombiefication of the south and Brain Waves of the west, the Sorcerer Social Entity of east and Above

Necromancy corresponds to all 5 elements and elementals

Necromancy to east and Above

CRM too south west

Necromancy and Enochain too Above

Sorcery to west

Humanities Oversoul to east and Above

war bear north, war dog to south

rose to south, lilly to east, lilly pads to north, seaweed to west

police and medical to west because has navy blue eyes, brown eyes of jailers and people in jail to north,

animals to north

all birds to east, dragon to the south

sky white sign snow, winter cold, sleet, hail, etc, ice

gnome to north, sylph fairy to east and wind, salamander to south and fire,

elephant to north, megalodon to west, grizzly bear to south, lynx to east

4 Cabalistic worlds of 4 Trees one above the next, east wind is Tree Above too following down to Below, south fire, west water, and earth north

City of Lights too Above

Elysium to Above, God too Above

keter to head, Soul, and Above, also east

Chokmah and Mysticism to west im absolutely certain

wisdom to west

all fish to west

sharks corresponds to south west, whale corresponds to west

Holy from Above, Heaven's Wrath from Above

Psychopathy through sexual mentality led too Red Man Wolf Form Light In Unconscious Mind

She could be same hers (same person)

A White Horse too Absorb from her she who Absorbed from a Platoon, then normally sexually Shifting too the next male placeing that at admiral, or commander

Raising Energy explains witches haveing sexual orgies, Tantra with one partnet is more correct

God In Empyerean Above

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