Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

tfufufutfuyfuyfufuyuyfuyfuyfufuy All Spirits to east Blk Wolf Form to west, Red Wolf Man Light Form to south, Wolf Spirit to east, Shapeshifting think like em, behave like em, feel like em to north Consciousness, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Sorcery, Will, want, Blue Luminescence of Awareness, too the west Reality IS Virtual Quantum Reality Physics blk overhauls, ski mask, windbreakers, army boots, leather gloves army greens Quantum IS Real Grunge, white skull pirates of carribean, black skull mask, skulls ne cklace, satanic Pan In Void, flanel over, green windbreaker shell jacket, greenish scarf, Assassin neoprene skull face, camo bdus, army boots, bare foot, or w sandals, army liners pants, army liner upper body, camo boonie hat, army balaclava, camo tube, grandfathers leather gloves, grandfather jacket, at home green bath robe, flanel could have been Christmas long sleeve dress shirt, and underneath striped with green candy cane, can wear green corporal hat, and shirt can be army greens, included green extreme, i dont want to die from my gums bleeding at dentistry how do i unnumb my right hand? Black Forms of the earth In the Void also barefoot feet heal, clothed again feet heal, barefoot again feet look healed Jason X 2nd One to the north, Sexuality too the west, Voorhees Rage, the Demon, the Man Wolf, etc, to the south, Liberation, Samadhi, Enlightenment to the east, Humanities Oversoul and empyrean rod and God In Empyrean to the Above, THoth God the Theosophical Mystic God too Below because Descends, at Center In Void and Elder God Smokes Jason X 2nd One, Incantations Project Lucifer In Dimensions to kill and target intestines corresponding to squid, water, and west, Red Form of Voorhees (Wolf, Sexuality) corresponds to south, Liberation, Samadhi, Enlightenment, to east Freddy to Above in dreams Pinhead to west, pumpkinhead to north, jason voorhees to south, SSE to east Jason X 2nd One Red pentagrams, Red in the head, Black Wolf Form, Wolf Spirit, Red Man wolf Native America to Above, Below to ? Satanism and Setianism Argentium Astrum to east, OTO to south, Wicca to west, Druidry to north deathworm to earth, fly flies so to east and wind, fly mask to south, Shapeshifting too west the fly horror movie mask, Beelzebub the Demon fly Incantation during nightfall corresponding to the north, too Increase desire In woman, least Through Lucifer the Squid Kraken Construct giant squid, Incantation Increases Desire in females corresponding to the south and desire, corresponding to sexuality and the south and west also Lucifer the Squid Construct, Prayer too Lucifer is the Incantation, the emotional burning a plant, Sends forth Lucifer to attack the intestines which like Lucifer also corresponds to the west, Sq uid same as Leviathan correspond to the west Incantation, Red Energy, Manwolf, Human w corporal hat, Change on Cellular Level Happens with visualization and symbolical meaning Merged Too Generate Energy and Appearance Change E

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