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Richard Wagner Composer Of Operas

User: silviya
Richard Wagner Composer Of Operas
As The Springtide Of 1813 Was Melting Into Early Summer The Poet And
Musician Of Spring Days And Summer Nights Was Born At The House Of The
Red And White Lion On The Brühl In Old Leipzig. The Precise Date Was
May 22; And Owing To Many Causes The 16th Of August Came Round Before,
At The Church Of St. Thomas, The Child Was Christened Wilhelm Richard
Wagner. The Events And Circumstances Of The Period Have Furnished The
Imaginative With Many Striking Portents With Regard To The Future
Mighty Composer; And, To Do The Prophets Full Justice, After The
Event--Long After The Event--They Have Widely Opened Their Mouths And
Uttered Prophecies. Thus The Name Of The House, Describing A Beast
Such As Never Was On Sea Or Land, Distinctly Warned A Drowsy People
That The Monstrous Dragon Of _Siegfried_ Was About To Take The Road
Leading From Nowhere To Bayreuth. The Spring Foretold The Songs In
_Tannhäuser_ And The _Valkyrie_; The Summer, The Nights In King
Mark's Cornish Castle-Garden And Amongst The Fragrant Lime-Trees In
The Streets Of Ancient Nuremberg; The Horrors Of The War Raging At The
Very Gates Of Leipzig And Napoleon's Flight, The Advent Of The
Preacher Who Was To Earn A Long Exile By Advising The Saxon Soldiers
Not To Shoot Their Brethren. Events Provided Material For These And
Many Another Score Of Prognostications: Only, Fortunately, No One Read
Events Rightly At The Time, And Something Fresh Was Left For The
Biographers To Expend Their Ingenuity Upon.

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