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A Discourse on the Evils of Dancing

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A Discourse on the Evils of Dancing

   REV. JOHN F. MESICK--_Dear Sir:_ On last Sabbath evening, 8th

   inst., you preached a sermon to our congregation on "_The Evils

   of Dancing_." As this is a custom which is in much practise even

   by those who consider themselves patterns in society, and, who

   generally comprise the youth, and say that it is an innocent

   amusement. We would esteem it as a favor if you would furnish us

   with a copy thereof for publication that it may be circulated in

   our Sabbath Schools, among the votaries of dancing, the parents

   and friends of those who have been assenting to it, in the hope

   that they may read it and learn its evil consequences, and

   abstain from its practice hereafter, and be satisfied that its

   use is not in character with the present age, whatever may have

   seemingly commended it in former days.

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