Tobias Halson: Vampire Hunter

Tobias Halson: Vampire Hunter
Tobias Halson is a young vampire hunter protecting the city of Philadelphia from the undead creatures of the night. When a corporate board member is thrown out of an office building showing signs of vampire attack, Tobias is called in to investigate and becomes lost in a world of white collar politics, water cooler plots and the innocence of a young woman in danger.

Its a race against time for Tobias to find the killer before he ends up the next victim, as he rides to the rescue with quick wits and snappy one liners.

This is a preview of the first two chapters.

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I want to publish this book. Right now. Yes, seriously. Send me a message. Let's make some money.

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From the first two pages, I need to say you have a great voice and know how to engage the reader into the story.

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