A Life Of Gen. Robert E. Lee Part 2

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A Life Of Gen. Robert E. Lee Part 2
In A Work Of The Present Description, The Writer Has A Choice Between
Two Courses. He May Either Record The Events Of The War In All
Quarters Of The Country, As Bearing More Or Less Upon His Narrative,
Or May Confine Himself To The Life Of The Individual Who Is The
Immediate Subject Of His Volume. Of These Two Courses, The Writer
Prefers The Latter For Many Reasons. To Present A Narrative Of
Military Transactions In All Portions Of The South Would Expand This
Volume To Undue Proportions; And There Is The Further Objection That
These Occurrences Are Familiar To All. It Might Be Necessary, In
Writing For Persons Ignorant Of The Events Of The Great Conflict, To
Omit Nothing; But This Ignorance Does, Not Probably Exist In The
Case Of The Readers Of These Pages; And The Writer Will Continue,
As Heretofore, To Confine Himself To The Main Subject, Only Noting
Incidentally Such Prominent Events In Other Quarters As Affected Lee'S

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