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'Text Message Only Please!'

User: Joe Jose
'Text Message Only Please!'

When David R Pilkington, a property developer from London, receives a text message from an unknown sender on the morning of his best friends wedding, the worst day of his life ensues, as the events surrounding the death of his former wife comes back to haunt him!


This book is the transcript of the entire SMS conversation had between David and the unknown sender, from 08:31am to 18:58pm on 27/08/2017!


'Text Message Only Please!' is a fast paced novella, and from the very start, each event escalates quickly as David is given a short time frame to guess the identity of the unknown sender, with the caveat being that if he doesn’t guess correctly within the time allocated, someone close to him will be tortured!   


PLEASE NOTE: The conversation had, and the language used in the transcript has not been censored, therefore it is suitable for ADULTS ONLY!


For a reading sample of this book, please copy and paste the following link:


All text and cover art by Joe Jose.             



Dieses eBook ist erhältlich bei:

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2,99 US$
Crime, Thriller, Fiction, Action, Suspense, Novella
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♥ davebccanada ♥

Wow! From the reading sample this appears to be a fast paced, interesting and compelling novel. I also detect it is well written and edited so I would consider it a worthwhile investment. Well done and I hope to read more of your work

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Joe Jose

Hey Dave thank you very much for your show of support, it is very much appreciated. I'm so happy you managed to get to the reading sample because I'm having difficulties my end opening it up? But as long as it works for others that's all I can hope for. Thanks again... Joe.

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