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legend of zelda ocarina of time book 1

legend of zelda ocarina of time book 1
hello this is my best book but my first book so please enjoy


1 mild blood descriptions

2 i don't own legend of zelda


Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "legend of zelda ocarina of time"
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legend of zelda ocarina of time book 1
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i don't know you you stalker

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What fun! You did pretty much the same thing I did - follow the game and write it as a story! How awesome! I especially like that you added links (no pun intended) to the ocarina songs and included screen shots. Very cool.

Had fun reading it, and saw a few things I left out of mine, lol.

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rainbow dashes husband

thanks worked very very hard on it


I can tell - good job! Your cover is also more authentic than mine:

I'm not sure this link works, but it should only show the cover if it does.

rainbow dashes husband

oh you made that one i tried to read it but i never got into it

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