The love life of JJ Lacey

A Blue Book Addision book is un-finished Von:
The love life of JJ Lacey

My Second Book 'Introduction'.

This is the book that predates 'Parallel Me' and is uncensored.

                      It is in fact 'Parallel Me' for grownups.



Hi, I am Joseph John Lacey, known to my family and close friends as 'JJ'. Only officialdom has called me Joseph, except when I got into trouble with Mum then it was a cert 'JOSEPH'. In my Navy service time, I was Joe Lacey, although I have to admit to being called; many other unsavoury names. Well, that is it briefly me now to tell you why you're reading this.

I have written my life story, and called it 'this is my life'. I am now writing my second book, which is about the part of my life I could not write about before. The things the publishers did not want in the first book, and to save embarrassment to those I love. Now at the age of seventy-six, and with those that would be embarrassed with me telling it departed. I am rewriting it and I am calling this book, for obverse reasons. The love life of JJ Lacey.

There are now two copies of this book, as I have been asked to censer one for milder readers.





sex, almost truelife
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Love the journey... Looking forward to reading mprr.

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