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Told in strong sexual and descriptive language this is a story of a taxi driver's love for his wife, and what he is prepared to do to keep her when he becomes aware of her sexual indiscretions, with one younger man. The husband John has indiscretions of his own, but see them as a sort of charitable acts, as he is supplying a need to the needy.


Instead of rushing in like a bull, and driving her into her lover's arms, he plays the long game using stealth and servalence to discover who her lover is. Although he also discovers that she has already been discovered by others and that has resorted to her being blackmailed into having sex with two other male taxi drivers.


Although she acts as if she resents their advances, she secretly relishes the rough treatment of her. John has the problem now of not just dealing with one man, so he uses his old military training to resolve the problem.

When all seems resolved he realises he must take control of her desire to have other men, that may lead her into danger, so he gives her a sex-enhancing drug, and takes her to a friend who is into wife swapping, and with another couple fill her needs and stop her from wondering.  

Love story
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