More Margin: Checklists for an antifragile life

How to keep winning in uncertainty, complexity, and chaos Von:
More Margin: Checklists for an antifragile life

"...A battery-pack of one-page checklists to kickstart a life of more margin and ease"


The winners of today are those who can survive in a complex world which we can't predict, or even really understand. And the greatest winners are those who can thrive in complexity and unpredictability. Today's winners know how to be 'antifragile'.

Perhaps you know what a black swan is. You know the difference between fragile, robust, and antifragile. Now what?


Open this unique book to learn how to apply these powerful principles of antifragility to living in a world we don't understand. This simple guide takes different areas of life and gives templates and checklists you can use to give you more margin, ease, and simplicity in them all.


This is a book for deep thinkers who are also doers, who want to take antifragility as a principle and make it a defining feature of their health, investments, productivity...everything.

The templates cover:
Antifragile checklists for wealth and investment
Antifragile checklists for health and performance
Antifragile checklists for start ups and organisational leadership
Antifragile checklists for getting things done

...And more!

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