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The Taxman Cometh

Notes from the Underground Economy Von:
The Taxman Cometh
Used car dealer Sam Samson never backs down from a fight, whether it's against an irate customer like Pete Not-So-Happy, an American Indian who's as big as Hulk Hogan, or against the IRS, which is even bigger than Hulk Hogan. When IRS Special Agent Elliott Mess, who looks like Robert Stack as Eliott Ness in "The Untouchables," steals Samson's money, they get into an altercation. At his trial for tax evasion, and assaulting an IRS agent, Samson is asked why he filed no tax returns for 17 years. He says he forgot. The jury buys this argument, but Mess rigs the trial. Samson decides he ain't gonna take it anymore. He declares war against the United States government. Guess who wins.

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