There are mates, then there are mates ;)

Witch hunt is on Von:
User: jazzstar5
There are mates, then there are mates ;)
Tara is a young werewolf, but not only that she's got newly discovered heritage of shifter With two mates Tara realises she has the power to unite the keys. Of course there are forces of darkness working against h. Time is running out, she must find th first key of the witch before the fourth moon. The witch hunt is on.
Please read book 1 there are mates then there are mates;) he may be alpha but i'm omega first.

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odalyse macias

My goodness it is just wonderful so far please keep writing I haven't found a good series in a while and have enjoyed yours so much please continue for the sake of my conscious not exploding for what is going to happen next thank you

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Yes This Book Is Very Different From Other Books But It's A Good Different You Should Write More

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Jesse Royal

please please please write more i love this series so much and i want to read more. I like how she keeps on getting more mates it seems awesome and different from other books

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