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Wealth Of The World's Waste Places And Oceania

Part II Von:
Wealth Of The World's Waste Places And Oceania
Although The Term "Waste Places" Carries An Implied Meaning Of
"Worthless," Yet, Interpreted In The Light Of Nature's Methods, Each
Region Described, Useless As It May Apparently Seem, Possesses A
Definite Relation To The Rest Of The World, And Therefore To The
Well-Being Of Man. The Sahara Is The Track Of The Winds Whose Moisture
Fertilizes The Flood-Plains Of The Nile. The Himalaya Mountains Condense
The Rain That Gives Life To India. From The Inhospitable Polar Regions
Come The Winds And Currents That Temper The Heat Of The Tropics.

Nature Has Secreted Many Of Her Most Useful Treasures In Most Forbidding
Places. The Nitrates Which Fertilize So Much Of Europe Are Drawn From
The Fiercest Of South American Deserts, And The Gold Which Measures
American Commerce Is Mined In The Arctic Wilds Of Alaska Or In The
Almost Inaccessible Scarps Of The Western Highlands. The Description Of
These Regions And The Portrayal Of Their Relation To The Rest Of The
World Is The Purpose Of Part I Of This Book.

Part Ii Of The Book Deals With Oceania--More Especially With Our Island
Possessions In The Pacific Ocean. It Presents The Salient Features Of
The Ocean Grand Division In The Light Of Most Recent Knowledge.

The Author Wishes To Give Credit To Mr. Jacques W. Redway, F.R.G.S., For
Suggesting The Subject Of Part I And For The Inspiration He Received
From The Distinguished Geographer In Developing The Subject.

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