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The Marriage Game

Prologue and Ch. 1 Von:
The Marriage Game
Jasmine Grayson is young, beautiful, and rich. But her privileged life is the result of her unhappy marriage to Virginia Beach politician, Christopher Grayson. Her five year marriage has turned ugly and she wants out. A divorce would ruin Chris's campaign, but so could his affair. But leaving Chris means leaving behind a life she enjoys too much. Jasmine has to figure out a way to beat Chris at his own game and find happiness within the confines of their twisted marriage.

marriage, affair, politics, love, money, rich, sex
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Cumming, GA

""Weight loss"" could be loss of fat, loss of muscle, or loss of various
tissues combined.

Exercise is maintaining and building muscle.


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Sharon, MA

It would appear that Trump's buddy in Moscow is just as crazy as he is (and
definitely much smarter . . . he has played the Donald for a chump). Trump's
fawning over Putin during the last 2 years, appears to be more of a political
liability than ever, not to mention the position it has put the U.S. in.
Somehow, this scenario was probably not what Trump's zombie followers
envisioned when he said ""Make America Great... mehr anzeigen

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