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on halloween Von:
its a dry chilly day and anne gando is ready to trick-or-treat, until a weather forecast says there will be a short small earthquake. everyone is scared so as the storms comes in anne takes covered her parents dont make it but she hopes its a dream,so as she walks out she notices that is not in arizona she walks a blue road she notices a scarecrow lots of them some in blueberry,corn, and apple fields she thinks she hears a farmer singing'blub blub i need to rub dub' she goes to to look for a farmer for directions.suddenly the farmer is a talking scarecrow so her and dog lotto goet scared,so she pulls a pistol from her basket and shoots him in the foot'AHHHHHHH!' the scarecrow screams im mr.rub dub and this is crow ville do you need any help? "yes how do i get back to arizona?" 'no,no this is under see people who get inside earthquakes come here or reaperville.'
so lets walk along there are lots of scarecrows there are dumb,rapping,poppig,break dancing,singing,annoying,jealous,popular,water,fire,ice,and more scarecrows.
we have came from the farm,farmers thow hay on the ground and as it piles we create ourselves with no help.

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