Where's My Accident?

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Where's My Accident?
Contest Entry - Biggest Fear Writing contest.

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Jenna Robinson

Not to mention his sister just gave birth to a completely healthy baby off of one ovary...

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Jenna Robinson

This is something I am going through right now, however I am only 22 and feel as though I am still much too young to start the testing and all the science behind it but this is my biggest fear in life because I want to be a mother so bad that I can feel my heart hurt sometimes. All I want is to make my husband a father. He's one of 12 kids and has 38 nieces and nephews. He has sisters approaching 40 that are still having... mehr anzeigen

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Oh gosh, wow....great story telling. As a woman, I can on imagine that pain. That ending hurt me.

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wow your a really good writer
i read a couple of you story and they are all fantastic

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How did I miss this short? It hits me to the core of my soul. I want to say it's a great read but my heart aches for this young woman.

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As robbedbygreed before me almost said...Heart-wrenching!
I could just about feel the pain , the yearning and the frustration, but not exactly, since I'm not a woman.
Very eloquently told.

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This is a heart-retching story. You did an excellent job showing the fear in the woman's mind and all the thoughts darting by.

There were some little typos and awkward sentences, but other than that this was pretty good. You've really showed a fear that looms over every woman as they grow older.


Awesome job!
Keep writing!


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J.C. Laird

I think this was my favorite in the "Biggest Fear" contest.

Not only was the story heart breaking, I thought it was extremely well written.

Keep up the good work!

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You have written a very touching and involved story about being unable to conceive. It kept my attention from beginning to end. Best wishes in the contest.

Great writing!

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