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User: jeremie18
Plagued with a condition that makes him change colors, Nathan must find a way to escape from his abusive father while keeping his secret safe.
After living next to a nuclear power plant in Colorado, 13-year old, Native American Nathan Daniels is devastated to realize his body physically expresses the way he feels through color, texture, and weight. Unlike his middle school peers, Nathan's path toward adulthood is plagued with a confusing condition that his parents and doctors cannot explain. When Nathan's skin fades white and shrivels during a teacher's lecture, Nathan's verbally abusive father forces the family to move. Starting fresh and trying his best to keep his uncanny secret safe, Nathan makes new friends and experiences the pain and joy associated with his condition. He meets a girl with the ability to smell emotions, and she works on helping him take control of his condition as well. Things don't go as planned and Nathan's condition causes domestic violence, and his mom takes him and flees. On the run from his dad, Nathan must find a way to escape and survive with his mother, but his father brings in a few surprises of his own.

lift, glance, saunter, walk, drift, float, fly, come, go, aside, beside,... mehr anzeigen
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

Vivid imagery propels "Conditional" into the mind's eye. Jeremie Guy is a talented young writer and one that's not afraid to be succinct yet powerful all in one syllabic breath!

I also appreciated the main character was of Native American descent. As a WOC, it is always a pleasure to see diversity in fiction.

Kudos, Jeremie. Your book was chosen by our book club and was truly enjoyed. On a personal note, I hope to read more of... mehr anzeigen

Wichtiger Beitrag

Excellent story! It was like I could see what you were writing about as I read. Very good descriptions of everything. I didn't want it to end. I hope you continue to write. You have a very good imagination.

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