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The Riches Of Bunyan (fiscle part-IV)

User: paul
The Riches Of Bunyan (fiscle part-IV)
The Subscriber Has Been Requested by His Friend The Rev. Jeremiah
Chaplin, The Worthy Son Of An Honored father, [Footnote: The Late
Rev. Dr. Chaplin, The Founder And First President Of Waterville
College, In the State Of Maine.] And The Editor Of The Present
Selections From Bunyan, To Attach To Them Some Prefatory Remarks.
Needless As He Feels It Himself To Be, And Presumptuous As, To Some,
The Attempt Even May Seem, To Say Aught In behalf Of A Work That,
Faithfully Drawn As It Is From Bunyan'S Overflowing Stores, Can
Require No Other Recommendation; Yet The Subscriber Could Not Refuse
All Compliance With The Wishes Of One Who Has Given Diligent And
Hearty And Appreciating Study To The Rich And Varied remains Of "The
Immortal Dreamer."

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