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PRIMA Password Protector

Central Management of Passwords Von:
User: Jens Wahl
PRIMA Password Protector

The eBook for portable freeware password management "Password Protector" from the "PRIMA" series (Private Information Management) explains all available functions using examples.

In addition to the pure collection of passwords, the collection of smartphone data (PIN, PUK, PUK2), bank and credit card data, licenses/serial numbers and certificates as well as a reminder of expiring passwords is also offered. The recorded data records can be assigned to recorded categories. A database encrypted with "Rijndael 256" ensures the security of the data, in which the passwords are again stored in encrypted form. The transmission of the passwords during reading/writing is always encrypted. When copying passwords, an automatic time-controlled overwriting of the contents of the clipboard can be activated to increase security (always done when closing the program). With Release 3.0, 2FA (two-factor authentication) is also supported and help for filling out web forms is offered.

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PRIMA Password Protector
Central Management of Passwords
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1,99 US$
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