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Extensions for WebSite X5

Additional functions for users of Incomedia's "WebSite X5" Von:
User: Jens Wahl
Extensions for WebSite X5

The firm Incomedia offers it’s homepage construction kit „WebSite X5“ in some versions. The freeware „Extensions for WebSite X5“ allows especially the „Low-Cost“-versions „Free“, „Smart, „Home“, „Start“ and „Compact“ an additional function range reworking the HTML-pages created with „WebSite X5“ - a possibility which is allowed by Incomedia. But there are also some functions which can be from interest for users of the „Evolution“-version.

This eBook explicates the available function each with an practical example. Now it supports the "WebSite X5"-releases 9 - 14.

Dieses eBook ist erhältlich bei:

und in vielen anderen eBook-Shops

2,49 US$
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