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Serena the Mermaid

Who says the good girl doesn't end up with the bad guy? Von:
User: Darkstar5
Serena the Mermaid
Serena is a adventurous girl who has always wished she could one day reach the surface and take in the surroundings out of the ocean, and possibly meet a human. So when she goes to the surface she immediately falls in love with the dashing Prince. She wants to become a human and goes to the Dark Wizard for a potion that will make her have legs, the catch is that if she does not make the Prince fall in love with her she will become his slave for eternity. But what will happen when this Dark Wizard falls for the mermaid?

mermaid, magic, villain, serena, forbidden, prince
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This is a really good book but I think that you should end it where the prince finds her and saves her

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Eh, I kinda think it would be cool if it went further into her time with Lucian after he claimed her, what really happens between them. Or have a second book for that one....

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