Drooling Over Drabble

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Drooling Over Drabble
I find it hard to keep anything at a minimum because I just love excess, but I managed to keep it under control, and I hope you all enjoy it.

drabble, humor
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Quincy, Ma

According to the story told to us by Mme Lévy, when the Jews were given
permission to build this synagogue, it had to be designed in a way to remind
them they were there by the pope's leave. You can see in the first photo the
windows above the brown door. From the inside looking out, as the sun shines
through those windows, you can't help but see a big cross.

Video: https://moxox.com
Music: https://muxiv.com
AV: http://yofuk.com

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Wonderfully creative and witty. Drabble two I like the best.


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J.C. Laird

You may not have a handle on the site yet, but you have a good grasp on the writing part.

Cute stories!

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The third one wasn't so funny if taken from the woman's perspective. But you did well with all three.

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Glynis Rankin

the middle one, it was very funny. Utube/ Facebook, have killed a many careers. Yeah, I'll give you a vote....LOL!

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I've never written anything so short in my life, so it felt like I didn't do enough! Thank you so much!

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Drabble One and Drabble Two are perfect examples of how to create humor in the drabble category. i laughed out loud at both of them! The third one didn't have quite the same affect, although i still enjoyed it.
nice job!

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