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forgive and forget Von:
You get gift you keep gift.
But there are some you never wanted and some you have to keep.
Some you can never get rid of.
Mines special like a curse.
A very bad one.

Kara is 14 she needs help desperately.Maybe Gale can help.Who knows? Not Kara of course she doesn't know a thing.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Ghostly haunted"
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forgive and forget
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the title really spoke to me and as I read the blurb I like the title even more. You described the story as an unwanted gift, something that wasn't good for the main character, and you see in swedish the word for poison is gift.
but since I do feel you have something going here I am going to be a little harsh, only for your own good:
You need to fix your text structure, it is so messy right now that I could hardly focus on... mehr anzeigen

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thanks for the advice. i appreciate it ill try harder and see what happens! :-)

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