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Are The Angels Posing As Aliens

Are the Fallen Angels fooling Us Humans? Von:
User: JennaB.56
Are The Angels Posing As Aliens
This is my take on the subject of who the aliens really are and why they are using this planet to inhabit. Ultimately it will be your decision, I just present these facts.

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Not all fallen angels are men. just saying. You never know if someone just happens to be a girl and they fall. They might not be able to give birth but they can always find a way to get a child. (adoption) Fallen Angels are "the bad ones" so that is why they fall. The MEN have children (nephilim) and that is why "The great flood" happened. To get rid of all the "bad" things in the world. (once again nephilim) Not all nephilim... mehr anzeigen

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