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I Will Not Die Today

I Will Not Die Today
Seventeen year old Cori grew up, with the gut feeling that her life would end in a car crash. She finds that her gut feeling was always right.

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I really like it. One of my favorites ^.^

(I comment I would have left a very long time ago, but the circumstances would not allow me...)

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The short, very descriptive sentences that lead to the end of the character's biggest fear are perfect! Each one wants the reader to read the next and so on ' till the end.

I truly loved it!

All my best!

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intense and raw. One minute I was flying down the road in the passenger seat with your girl, the next.. *

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Lucia Morosanu

Really fascinating story. For me, it is very strange because I LOVE driving and never once felt that I would be in danger of dieing. It was an interesting point of view.

You presented the fear very clearly and the anticipation was almost palpable.

Good job

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Very graphically written. I have a daughter so this was a little hard for me, but you held my interest to the end so you did your job. Well done.

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Yes, anticipation (good or bad) is often worse (or better) than the actual event. In this case, it seems Cori was so worried about the gut feeling she had of her death, she hardly took time to enjoy life. You relayed her fear with a great intensity and I felt my own fear and anticipation rise as I read it.
Great job!

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I got caught up in the worry as I read your story. I knew something bad was going to happen, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Worry is sometimes worse than death.

Very well written.

Good luck on the contest.

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This was a very well written description of your biggest fear - and the way you put it together was, as Toi said, very intense. I was gripping my hands as I read it, just waiting for what I anticipated would happen.

Your writing is very good indeed and this is an exciting piece of work that builds up with each page. All the best - very impressive.

PS I had no idea you were only fifteen years old. You write with the maturity of... mehr anzeigen

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