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Forbidden Love

A Love Gone Wrong Von:
User: JennaB.56
Forbidden Love

A story about a woman who ends one relationship because he was already married, only to fall for another in what is considered taboo!

romance, friendship, honor, fidelity
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Jen, you have penned a very intriguing story. However, even though I enjoyed the proposed end and hope you still consider using it, I hope you don't leave the story here as I believe there is a lot of scope to develop it into a novella/novel. For example, I would love to discover how genuine Johnny is, or if he's a womanizer. I would also love to learn about his relationship with his wife & her personality traits in order to... mehr anzeigen

3 Kommentare

Thanks for the nice comments and advice on this story. I do plan on expanding the story, and incorporating something that happened to a friend that would fit very nicely into this scenario. Although I haven't really paid much attention to Johnny's wife, but maybe I should huh!... mehr anzeigen

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