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Abel in Paris

Lovers Get Chili in Paris Von:
Abel in Paris
This is Abel in Paris, a romantic comedy. The story revolves around Abel McCormick, an award-winning chef and widower and his 11-year old daughter, Sandy. Abel, decides to sell the cafe because of the memories of his deceased wife, Nina and Sandy wins them an all expense paid two-week vacation to Paris, that is Paris, Texas. Abel meets Lilly, a beautiful, French chef and a Cordon Blue School of Cooking graduate. They fall in love but with miscommunications, misunderstandings, some matchmaker by Sandy and just the baggage they both carry, will they ever get together? Tom Campbell is another fellow who tries to sabotage Lilly ad hurt her and Abel. It all culminates in an exciting annual chili cook-off they both enter for different reasons. His as he was paid to by Tom and hers being she needs the money to stay open in her new restaurant. Join them as they go through the trials of falling and staying in love.

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